90 Day Fiancé: Did Gino met Jasmine on a sugar daddy website?

  In one episode of before the 90 days season 5, Gino Palazzolo admitted that he went a couple of times on paid dates with sugar babies whom he met on local adult dating websites. Sugar dating, also called sugaring, is a transactional dating practice typically characterized by an older, wealthier person, usually a man and a younger person in need of financial assistance in a mutually beneficial relationship. In some cases, sex is part of the deal, and in other cases, it's just some lonely, wealthy old men who are looking for the company of young beautiful women.

 These types of dates are usually expensive, and for most of men, it's not worth it in the long run, especially if they want to have a meaningful serious relation at some point. Also online dating websites are a mess these days, full of scammers and dangerous people. For the average looking guy, it's almost impossible to find a date, because women inboxes will be full of messages from good looking young guys who want to take them on a date, which why Gino said "Before I met Jasmine, I was like, looking for a long-term relationship, but typical dating sites, they were not working for me. So, I wanted to try something different.".

We tried to fact check Jasmine, and we found out that almost everything she's saying about her is a lie, just to make her look good and superior in her eyes and to feel better about herself. It's true that the show was filmed a year ago, but many of Jasmine's stories didn't age so well. First, she did mention that she was working 3 jobs, including being a teacher and making 3000 USD a month, which should be enough to support her and her 2 kids, but later we heard that her ex was taking care of the kids financially. Beside that, she can't even pay 700$ for her rent and some extras for utilities, and she was aggressively asking her American fiancé Gino to pay for it all.

She also lied about being fired from her teaching job because Gino's ex sent her nudes to her colleagues from the private school where she used to work. It was all a ruse, so she can justify her not teaching anymore and working as an adult model on onlyfans without feeling ashamed, because poor Jasmine had no other choice.

On the before the 90 days tell all part 1, Jasmine made a scene, and while doing it, she ended up humiliating herself and Gino, talking about their sex life, and about everything wrong with her Michigan native fiancé. She didn't even want him to answer his female fans on Instagram, who were just sending Direct messages to show their love and support for the couple. She also said that she was on a sugar daddy website, which is how she met Gino in the first place. A sugar daddy website is the opposite of a sugar baby one, it's where wealthy older men create profiles about them so young women can find them. This actually explains a lot, especially why Jasmine was so confident and feeling so entitled to ask Gino to pay for expensive stuff, only to see that Gino was so careful with his money which made her more and more furious each time this happens.