90Day Fiance: Angela and Michael update (bad news)

 According to recent rumors that have been published online on social media, it seems that Michael Ilesanmi's spousal visa was approved back in February 2022 and that he is on his way to the United States to finally start his life with his wife Angela Deem.

 The Nigerian prince has talked about his visa issues on Instagram after many of his fans been asking for updates. Meanwhile, Angela Deem kept putting signs and rumors out there of their split, mostly to make a buzz about her and gain some press exposure to keep herself relevant. With a 22-year age difference and many cultural differences, the couple had many ups and down and most of the time their relation was being called toxic by the viewers and  no one actually thought that they have a chance to stay together.

Michael and Angela somehow managed to keep their relationship alive despite the long distance and worldwide covid pandemic. Many fans think Michael is better off single, and that Angela is the one forcing him to stay married to her because she needs this relation to not lose her fame status as a D list celebrity. By staying with Micheal, she guarantees that she will always have fans and news platforms speaking about her and her marriage updates. Plus there is always a big chance of her being part of a new 90 day fiancé spin-off, and this trailer confirms it, as you can see she will be a part of 90 Day Diaries: Season 3!

 There’s been trouble in paradise for the exceptional couple as evidenced by several clues on Instagram. Most notably, Michael recently made a separate Instagram account for himself, which grew so fast up to 66k followers in just a couple of months, and he declared himself single in a recent Instagram live. Meanwhile, Angela has been posting Instagram stories with a mystery man, but mostly her social media posts were about increasing the public awareness about some kidney disease that affect the health of older people.

 Singer Usman Umar aka King Africa recently said that Angela and Michael are done for good and accused the Georgia native of using her innocent Nigerian husband. Meanwhile and among the 90 day fiancé community, many still assure that Michael’s CR-1 visa has finally been approved, and he will be making his way to the States in March.

At the end, only the couple can confirm if the rumors are true or false, and after we watched Michael's recent Instagram live feed, we finally got the official answer that we've been waiting for.

 Michael has officially declared that he has not been granted a U.S. visa, despite earlier reports that he had been approved for one. In the Live video he says that: “Angie is in the States.” He added that: "visa process was still in Stage 1" and “Doesn’t be easy". Even though the fans kept asking him more questions during the LIVE, Michael repeatedly asked them to leave him in peace by saying: "Please I’m yet getting approved of my visa.” He finished by saying: “not coming to the States this month.” as he pleased his fans to disregard and not believe any articles or posts or blogs which claim anything about his U.S. arrival.

 Some couples who have appeared on 90 Day Fiancé have faked being together before, to be part of the show and we all know how hard and almost impossible these days for a common man from Nigeria to get a visa and come to the USA, so everyone is wishing Michael the best luck and can't wait to see what's next for him.