90 Day Fiancé: Ximena Morales breaks her NDA and exposes Mike Berk

 Just a couple of days after being cancelled by the 90 day fiancé fans, Mike berk just got exposed by his supposedly ex Ximena Morales who had enough of people bullying her on social media, calling her names and accusing her of being a user and a bad mom.

 The Colombian adult model kept quiet for a long time, mostly because she signed a Non-disclosure agreement with TLC that legally forces her to keep her mouth shut and to not to say a word about what's really going on with her and Mike. But NDA or not, the insults and constant criticism that she's been getting all over social media have finally got to her and she wouldn't take it anymore, so she posted 3 Instagram videos explaining everything from how she and Mike really met, and how he's been making her miserable all this time. 

 If you visit Ximena official Instagram account @ximena_90day, you will find that on 11 March 2022, she posted 3 videos one after another exposing Mike. Even though the videos were in Spanish, but we managed to translate them and get everything important that she was trying to say.

 During an episode of before the 90 days, Mike said that he met Ximena on tinder while he was swiping left and right, trying to find a foreign girlfriend, since failed to do so locally. But apparently that's a lie, and this is what Ximena had to say about it: "I'm going to tell you all how I met mike, so at the beginning of the pandemic, I started working on this adult webcam site, where people pay money to see me naked and do stuff with my body. I was doing my thing on the platform and one of the first clients who paid for my service was Mike.

 He joined the virtual room of one of my live adult shows and he told me that he was touching himself while looking at me, but I didn't mind it because that's what those creepy men do anyways when they visit such website. He then joined my live cam room, three more times and tipped me and complimented me for my show. One day, he started to have feeling for me and told me to quit the adult platform saying that he would pay for my things and I don't have to work there anymore."

She carried on by saying: "Things happened so fast and then he told me to record a casting tape for the 90 day fiancé show because he was trying to send our story to them hoping that we will be part of the show. He explained the show to me and promised that I'll get paid from this.
Well, he kept sending me money all the time, since, he is the one who asked me to quit my job, which was all I had back then due to Covid. I never forced him to send me money or threaten or like "I need it". He was the one that was like “what do you want" “what do you need love". I mean, obviously I asked him for things, but anything else it was just him offering. Anyways, he told me to lie about the way we met for the show and he insisted on me to say that we met on Tinder.
I didn’t know what Tinder was, but later I learned that it was an app for people to meet locally and internationally."

 The exposing of Mike didn't end here, apparently Ximena still had a lot to say, and in a third video she mentioned that: "It's true, the first time I saw him, I told him "te amo" and that I wanted to meet him and know him. Afterward, he told me that he wanted to marry me and I didn't say no, I wanted a life with him, but in Colombia, I didn’t want to go to the US, that was never my intention, I'm happy here with my family and friends. The first day that we met, I wore some high heels and he was so short in the airport, I thought he was taller, but it's alright, it was no deal breaker and I thought he was cute. We went for a walk together and that's when I started to see his bad habits which I didn't really like or appreciate."

 Seemingly, Ximena Morales still has a lot to say and the exposing of Mike Berk is not yet done, we will probably see more exposing videos and Instagram lives about this in the next few days. The 90 fiancé Viewers have grown frustrated with this couple and they don't know which one they should believe and support anymore, maybe none of them.