90 Day Fiancé: Who is Josh Dugas, Ximena new fiancé ?

 Last week, Ximena Morales shared an Instagram story showing off her new engagement ring that she got from her new mystery fiancé, who she refuses to show his face, probably because of her TLC contract. This made the viewers wondering about what really happened between her and Mike Berk and if this post was a definitive proof that the couple is separated for good, Based on what we saw in episode 13 from before the 90 day season 5, Mike was practically begging Ximena for sex, before she shut him down and told him that he will be getting none until the wedding day.

 This sexless relation should be seen as a big red flag for Mike, who still don't seem to understand what's really going on here. His own father and grandfather, plus thousands of his fans already told him that Ximena don't really love him and she's just using him to pay for her rent and to buy her stuff until she figures something out or until she gets her boob job and starts her modeling career on adult sites like Onlyfans, which what really end up happening.

 By now, we are certainly sure that Mike Berk is a single man and that Ximena is engaged to a shady man named Josh Dugas, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are calling him a shady man, because some fans have dug into his personal life and past and found out that he's a cheater and a liar. He is not only engaged to Ximena from the 90 day Fiancé franchise, but also he's been in an eight year relationship with a woman from Edmonton and they have been engaged for four years and technically still together.

 For sure Ximena knows about this, but she doesn't care as long as her rent and bills are being paid. We checked her adult Unfiltrd.com account which is similar to Onlyfans and she doesn't seem to have many premium followers. So that was a proof that she's not making good money from her adult modeling career just yet and that she still needs a man to take care of her financially.

 How many daddies her poor kids will have to meet at this point? And will they even bother to remember the names of these men that their mom keeps dating? We all feel bad for those kids and we hope that one day when they grow up and start their own families, they won't be affected by this.

 At the end, things turn out for the best, Ximena looks happy now with her new man. With Mike she was always annoyed and bored and can't wait for him to fly back to the United States. Looking at it from her perspective, this guy is better looking than Mike, and hopefully doesn't burp or fart as much? Probably speaks more Spanish than “Te Amo” and doesn’t leave his dirty underwear around the house? She must be feeling like she won the lottery, even if the guy is probably cheating on his Canadian girl with her, Beggars can’t be choosers after all, and Mike really dodged a bullet.