90 Day Fiancé: Was Memphis pregnant before flying to Hamza?

 It's no secret anymore that Memphis was actually pregnant during the filming of season 5 of before the 90 days reality show. Rumors were already circulating online about the topic, even her ex said on his twitter that she was pregnant and recently gave birth to her third baby, and right after that announcement, he was asked and forced to delete those tweets. In episode 15 "cold and calculated", The Michigan native finally told her fiancé Hamza Mokni that she was pregnant with his baby. Despite the happy news, many viewers question if Hamza is really the biological father of the baby and whether if Memphis was already a week pregnant when she arrived in Tunisia.

 Regardless of Memphis being a good mom, and a self-made, strong and independent woman with a tough past, it's clear that in the last 10 years, she's been taking one wrong decision after the other. One of her recent mistakes was applying to be a cast member in a 90 day fiancé show. It's well known that the producers of the show will make you look as bad as possible, and the viewers will make memes and jokes about you and even bully you online. Knowing that she has a sensitive soul, she probably should've kept her life private, especially that she made her Instagram account private recently because she couldn't handle any more peoples' opinions and judgements about her and her kids.

 Memphis is now the proud mom of 3 kids from 3 different baby daddies, this doesn't look good even for someone coming from a first world country like the United States, where the younger generation doesn't give much importance to marriage anymore and divorce rates are higher than ever. But How can she be already 3 weeks pregnant when she told Hamza about the news, while she was just in Tunisia for 2 weeks? Some fans are saying that her trip was 2 weeks and she got pregnant before her flight to Tunisia, maybe during that time that she spent in her ex's house? Other say the trip was a month long and Hamza knocked her up during that first time in which they had sex in 20 seconds and Hamza ejaculated so quickly. If we remember well, his comment for premature ejaculation was "I'm sexy baby". 

 You may wonder about the reason of why Memphis was pressuring Hamza to have sex with her since day one, was it because they were in a long distance relation, and finally met for the first time and both want some sexy time and to test their sexual compatibility, or because she knew that she was ovulating during that time and she was trying to get pregnant by Hamza to pressure him into marrying her. We expect more from a certified nurse, she could at least be on birth control pills or ask Hamza to use a condom. Being pregnant and married in 2 weeks by a man that you never met before and who doesn't even speak the same language as you is a 90 day fiancé classic, and clearly not a good life decision.

 The viewers are excited to learn more about what will happen next and if Hamza is actually the father of Memphis' third baby. During the next tell all, everything will be revealed. Some of the comments on social media are asking Hamza to make a DNA test, but the Tunisian young man isn't so bright and probably won't do it, he doesn't even know that it's possible to make a prenuptial agreement in Tunisia, if only they asked a Tunisian lawyer back then or just any worker at his city municipal, they could know about this, and then Memphis will not have to worry about her prenup papers not being ready in time.