90 Day Fiance: Natalie reveals the current situation of her mom and friends in Ukraine

 With Russia’s recent invasion into Ukraine these last few days, a lot of the fans of the TLC show 90 Day Fiance were worried about the fate of Natalie Mordovtseva, her mom and her family and friends back home, and many have begun wondering whether the recently single Ukrainian reality star is still in the United States.

 In the recent months, Natalie has become involved in a new drama within the 90 Day Fiance: Single Life season 2, during which her estranged husband Mike announced in the tell all that he didn't prepare or submit her green card documents and will start filing for divorce as soon as possible, which mean that his soon to be ex wife is staying illegally in the United States at the moment. However, Mike also revealed to other media sources that he still believes in his marriage and maybe there is a chance after all to get back together, and mentioned that he was just depressed and frustrated during the tell all so he said what he said. 


 This current situation in Ukraine has been a gift and curse to Natalie at the same time. From one side, war is horrible at any time and place and many people will be injured or die, also her family and friends will be in big stress and danger every day. And in the other side, she's been struggling for almost two years trying to get her green card, especially after her potential divorce from big Mike. Now getting her visa is going to be harder, but due to recent events, now she can apply to stay in the US legally as a refugee because her country is not a safe area to come back to.

 Natalie is still in the US and seems to be in Petersburgh, Florida based on her recent Instagram posts and stories, and she has been enjoying her life there until this Russia Ukraine war started.

 She also posted recently some political posts supporting Ukraine and using hashtags like #SaveUkraine #StayHuman #closetheairspace and #UkrainianLivesMatter, after her fans slammed her for being careless and selfish because when the war started she was posting Instagram videos about her having fun while roller skating with her friend.

 After being criticized on social media like Reddit and Facebook not so long ago, Natalie finally posted an update about the situation of her mom and friends in the Ukraine and she wrote in her Instagram story:" My mom is safe from today morning, she made it to Europe with some other families.. unfortunately, my all friends are locked at that hell.. every night they telling me that they gonna die. I'm suffering with my people"


 Ukraine is slowly winning the war because Russia was severely sanctioned from everywhere by almost every country, but many people fear that this may trigger Putin and make him go more crazy to the point of attacking other countries with nukes and start a third world war. The 90 day fiance fans hope for the best and many of them don't want to follow political news, but this subject affects the whole world in a way and it's been talked about everywhere so it's hard to miss.

 No matter if you love or dislike her, all of the fans are worried and feeling for Yara, Natalie and their families and friends, also, they hope that every Ukrainian will stay safe during all of this