90 Day Fiance: Mike's racist old posts are getting him cancelled (with proof)

 After Alina, now another cast member in the current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days is facing accusations of racism and transphobia after some fans dig into his old social media posts and ended up seeing things that made them disappointed.

 Just a few months ago, TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days faced a big controversy, after multiple social media posts from the cast member Alina Kozhevnikova, showed her racist and anti-LGBTQ+ point of view which led to her being fired from the show. And recently, it seems that another cast member from the same season of the show is now under fire for past social media posts, that allegedly exhibit racist and homophobic views. And you will never guess who, because for a long time he was one of the fan's favorite, but not anymore, and his name is Mike Berk.


 Many of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 5 viewers thought that Mike Berk was one of the good guys this season. He was so supportive to his Colombian girlfriend emotionally and financially, on top of that, he treated her and her kids very kindly, but after the fans uncovered offensive social media posts that he shared in the past, they don't feel the same about him anymore. So now, things have changed, numerous fans have slammed Mike for his inappropriate posts and currently he's being cancelled by the 90 day fiancé community, and no one wants to show him love and support anymore, even those who felt sorry for him at first due to him being used by Ximena and her family.

Note that Mike Berk is currently using a verified Instagram account for the show with the username @mikeyb90day, so the posts that you are about to see are from his old personal Instagram account under the username @_mikeyb86_ and as you can see the memes and the other controversial posts are from the latter. So here are few of Mike's improper social media posts:

 When Alina wrote the n-word in her Instagram post, she was instantly fired from the show, but now that Mike is doing the same, the producers of the show don't seem to care as much, at least for now.


 It's worth noticing that many of Mike Berk's posts were made in 2013 which is the internet "savagery" area, and that he has not posted such content in recent years. But nevertheless, we are in 2022 now and he still hasn't deleted these inappropriate posts from his personal account, despite all of the serious messages and comments that he's been getting from the 90 day fiancé fans to do so.

 These are just part of a bigger set of offensive memes that Mike posted, and this situation really made his fans upset and angry with him. We finish the list by this meme that uses a term for transsexual people, which is considered derogatory and tries to tie it to a term in the automotive industry.

 Mike and Ximena have been featured prominently in this season's episodes, as their romance has kept viewers guessing if they'll walk down the aisle eventually, or they will break up after Mike leaves Colombia and go back home. Some fans caught Ximena live video chatting with a good looking man on TIKTOK, but it's not confirmed yet if the guy is officially the new boyfriend or he's just a friend.

 At the moment, Mike's old actions are still hunting him down, and we don't know yet whether he will continue to be part of the reality show. Will we see him in the next episodes and in the tell all? Or he will be fired and forgotten like Alina?