90 Day Fiancé: Memphis and Hamza's new born baby gender reveal

 For months, there was a rumor circulating around about Memphis Chardell being pregnant after spending a couple of weeks with her Tunisian fiancé Hamza Mokni. Many viewers didn't believe it, saying that this couple didn't even spend enough time together to know each other before trying to get married, so how exactly they are expecting a baby so soon?

 Back in January 2022, rumors of Memphis' pregnancy first surfaced after a man who claimed to be the Michigan native's ex-boyfriend posted tweets alleging that she was pregnant with Hamza the big boobies lover and that she had recently given birth. Memphis was trying to keep her pregnancy a secret, so she pressured her ex and she was successful in convincing him to delete those tweets, but it was too late, the news went viral and thousands of fans found out about it on social media or from reality shows news websites.

On 25 March 2022, Memphis posted a photo on her Instagram @missmemphis05 of her newborn baby for the first time and she wrote: "God has truly blessed me with HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL children ♥️ This is the best gift anyone could ask for! Unconditional love of a child! Innocent & True!!". This confirms that the rumor was true and now the registered nurse is the proud mother of 3 babies from 3 different baby daddies! Many viewers will judge her for this, but it's her life and her choices, if she's a good mom who works hard to provide a good life for her kids, then nothing can go wrong.

 The baby is a girl, even if Laura Jallali said it was a girl and wrote: "She is beautiful and a true gift from God." Many of the fans were happy for her and wrote congratulations comments on the post.

The pregnancy rumor wasn't the only one, a lot of news articles in the last couple of months have been saying that Memphis and Hamza actually broke up and are separated. For the sake of the new born baby, we hope that this is not true, and that Hamza is currently applying for his spousal visa, whether the couple got married or no, because while watching before the 90 days, we learned that Memphis was hesitated to get married without having the prenuptial agreement signed first. In a way, she was right to ask for a prenup, because her future with Hamza is unknown. She has to protect her current and future assets in case of divorce. All this time she was feeling insecure, thinking that Hamza will leave her eventually because he's 8 years younger than her.

 Hamza's sister was not happy about Memphis stopping the wedding because the prenup papers were not ready, and she told her that her brother really loves her and he is her future husband and life partner and not just a random guy who will sign a paper just to be with her. In the tell all we will see what really happened and if the couple did get married or not despite not signing the prenuptial agreement.