90 Day Fiancé: Is Rebecca Parrott following Darcey's footsteps?

 Just last week, Rebecca Parrott shared a worrying Instagram video in which she spoke about a health concern that she had that day, her hands were shaking non stop and she was feeling so anxious and didn't know what to do about it. Her fans were concerned about her, of course, but many asked her to go and see a doctor instead of sharing her illness on her social media.


 Following a physical body check with her general doctor, the Georgian native still don't know what could be the real reason behind her severe hands shaking, and she learned that she may have a vitamin k deficiency that need to be taken care of. Also, she was instructed to go and see a Neuro doctor who will run some analysis and who may discover the real reason behind her recent illness.

 Rebecca and her Tunisian husband Zied Hakimi, were last featured on season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé. The couple is currently married and have been living a happy life since then. Obviously, like all newlyweds, they faced some troubles at first when they started living together. Zied was trying to adjust to his new life in the United States, while Rebecca was doing her best to stay calm and not to get so jealous each time a young "egg toting" female speaks or walks near her young husband. They frequently post photos of each other on social media, mostly Instagram, so it appears that they're still very much in love and very happy together, despite being separated by a 22-year age gap.

 After making the news for the last couple of weeks, Rebecca is still being talked about this week too, after she recently posted a frightening Instagram reel, that shows her face which appears to be butchered by a plastic surgery that has gone wrong. In her post, Rebecca wrote:" Just left my plastic surgeon's office. What do you think of my new look?" and instantly, her fans were terrified of what they saw and they started to react to it. Some of the comments were funny like her fans saying that she was looking like Darcey but with dark hair, or asking if she was auditioning for Darcey and Stacey season 4. While others, were more worried and asked her to please stop before becoming addicted to plastic surgeries or else they will unfollow her on Instagram, since they think that she has a pretty face already and she don't need any work to be done on it but mostly, they don't want her Instagram account to become a freak show like Darcey's.

  If you watch her recent Instagram reel to the end, you will see that it was a prank, Rebecca just wanted to play with her fans and see their reactions and it worked! The lips and cheeks injection were actually filters and not really done by a plastic surgeon. So now her fans can rest, because everyone loves her, and wishes her the best, but most certainly they don't want her to become the next Darcey, who's currently addicted to plastic surgeries and who still continue to have them, even if her face is slowly getting butchered and soon she will be looking like Donatella Versace.