90 Day Fiance: Natalie's Inappropriate Instagram post amid the Ukraine invasion is making her fans angry

 This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched an unprecedented military assault in Ukraine that has already left dozens dead, prompting Western leaders to condemn Moscow and vow unity with Kyiv. It was surprising to many, since no one expected this to happen, and everyone thought that Russian was doing a stunt, just to stop and scare Ukraine from joining the NATO.

 Almost all of the 90 Day Fiancé old and new cast members showed their support for Ukraine by uploading social media posts that say "No to war!" and "Pray for Ukraine". Even Natalie Mordovtseva did at some point, before she ruined it just in the same day, by posting another irrelevant and careless Instagram reel in the most wrong time possible. Which made her fans really question her alleged high IQ and accusing her of having an EQ of 0.


 New reports claim that Natalie Mordovtseva has not been deported to Ukraine. She is supposedly still dating a man named Josh, and they are both set to appear in a new season of 90 Day Fiancé: the single life.

 The almost 40 years old Ukranian superstar, first appeared in 90 Day Fiancé season 7, when Mike Youngquist went to Ukraine to see her and meet her mother and where he got a heartbreaking moment when she told him that she's not in love with him yet. After getting engaged, she applied for her 90 day visa and moved to Sequim in the middle of nowhere, then got married to Mike in a very mediocre wedding ceremony. That marriage lasted only for a short time, before they got separated and she ran away from big Mike's trailer park home and moved out to Florida after less than one year together in the United States. She started a new life as a single woman, before even signing the divorce papers that Mike allegedly sent her. She then began dating around with specific almost impossible demands in mind. 
We all know that Natalie is from Kiev, she used to live there with her mom and work as a struggling actor after her second failed marriage that ended in divorce. And since her home city is currently being bombed and invaded by the massive Russian army, the least she could do is to ask her fans for prayers to keep her mom and her country safe. But unfortunately that was not the case, her last social media uploaded post was an inappropriate, careless and awkward Instagram reel where she was showing off her bad roller skating skills, while having a big smile doing so. 

 You may assume at this point she would be sitting at home calling her mom every hour to check on her, while living in stress and fear for the current horrible situation that is happening in her country. But apparently, the 90 Day Fiancé fans have more sympathy than her, because on every social media out there, you will be seeing them  asking if hers and Yara's mom are ok and if they can do anything to help.