90 Day Fiance: Natalie is filming for the single life season 3 and here is the proof

 90 Day Fiancé Ukranian star Natalie Mordovtseva left Mike Youngquist about a year ago. Her life has changed since the split as she started dating other men, trying to find her future perfect husband and we saw a glimpse of that in the single life season 2.

 The couple been dating for four years, which is a long time, during those years they had their ups and down until they called it quits. Since Natalie came to the United States, she hated her life in Sequim, Washington. She was always a city girl, coming from Kiev, so the life in "Ze wood" was not what she was looking for. She and big Mike were going through a very stressful time and she wasn't a good fit for the trailer life in the middle of nowhere, plus she was disliked by her mother in law Trish.

 It's obvious that Natalie loves the attention of the media, and with time she showed her true motive by being in the US, which is to become a supermodel or a famous actor, mainly and to try to find a rich "Simp" husband who she can fully control. There's nothing wrong with that, there are women in history who have done a lot worse. 

 But many of the 90 day fiance fans felt bitter about the situation, and had some sympathy for Mike and really wished for Natalie to be deported already but it's not that easy.

 The American immigration system is slow and situation like this can take years to get resolved. Plus Natalie is still doing her best to stay in the USA, by being in the single life season 2 and by asking her Ukranian American friends for help anytime she needed something. Add to that she's been using Mike's credit card all this time while she is in Florida having fun and dating other guys.

  One thing to know about the 90 day franchise is that it's too popular, and has fans everywhere in the USA and even worldwide. Recently, a fan of the show said that he saw Natalie filming in LA. Even if after the tell all and mike's not applying for her green card, everyone thought that she was done for good this time and she's going back home. This was the fan's reddit post :

 Another reddit user said :" Oh she's totally filming again. My college roommate works in film and TV on reality shows (but not on 90df) and she knows I'm obsessed with the show so she keeps an eye out for me. She said she saw Natalie and that Josh guy filming in a hotel lobby a few weeks ago with crew and she saw them being filmed going up to the rooms together. She mentioned she thought Natalie was acting like a diva and was rude to the crew, but she's sensitive to that because she also works crew. And she's told me Big Ed and Liz's engagement party was filmed in San Diego so I guess they're definitely going to be on again too."

 With all these evidences, we can only assume that she was filming for the single life season 3, since her story line only fit in that type of show, so let's wait and see what happens next.