90 Day Fiance: A list of everything wrong with Ximena and why Mike deserves better

 While Mike and Ximena have been a couple for quite some time, many viewers of 90 Day Fiance before the 90 days have begun to see Mike’s flaws. He appears to have poor hygiene and household management skills, though he has noted that he has ADHD. But that was no excuse for his unpleasant habits like farting and burping near people, and throwing his stuff everywhere in the house.


 Ximena got engaged to Mike despite not having any attraction to him and thinking he was dirty. Her sis doesn't seem to mind her being with him, because she was hoping that they can bring her to the USA later, and her mom was thinking materialistically about the situation, and encouraged her daughter to stay with mike because he is sending them money every month to pay for rent, utilities and leisure. However, Ximena is now regretting her decision because Mike surprised her with his trip to Colombia to see her and her family. Although the Before The 90 Days fans think it’s Mike’s fault that they are having issues because he isn’t a neat man, some fans also think that Mike might be hungry for fame and is in the show to be famous, gain some cute ladies' fans and have more tv opportunities later.

 No matter what's Mike's goal of doing this, let's not forget that Ximena is no angel, and here is a list of things that she did wrong so far:

 1-She's a liar: 
 She lied to mike about her not being able to have kids anymore, knowing that he wants to have one or two in the near future. Also She purposely waited to tell Mike about her tubes being tied until after they had sex, because usually men after sex are easier to persuade.

 2-She is a gold digger and a user: 
 She is having a decent life at the moment in Colombia with her family thanks to Mike, who's sending them monthly payment and never say no to her wishes. She also has no education or any job experience, so she's fully depending on him by choice. She's a young 24 (allegedly) years old  Latina who still can do something with her life, if she go back and try to complete her education or at least and try to work anything to support her family, but she prefers to do nothing and just hang out with friends and treat her man as an ATM machine. 

 3-She's irresponsible and a bad mom: 
 She has two beautiful kids, one she got from a one night stand and the second one from a conjugal visit to her ex who happen to be a freaking  hitman who kept threatening to kill her after they broke up. If she was a good mom who can't support her two sons, she should at least think of their future. Mike is a good guy who accepts and loves her two kids and wants their good and the best thing that can happen to those kids is to go with her and Mike to the USA and start a new life full of opportunities in a loving family and a stepfather who will love and support them.

 4-She delusional:
  In episode 10 from before the 90 days, we see that she was asking Mike for money to have a boob job and a tummy tuck so she can start her modeling career, make her own money and probably leave Mike after. But let's face it, she's alright as a woman, but the modeling world is cruel and she's not built for it in any way. She later threatened him with cancelling the wedding if he doesn't pay for this. By her logic, if Mike has money to have a wedding, then he can surely pay for her surgeries.

 5-She has no moral understanding: 
 From her past, we conclude that Ximena can't tell right from wrong. Recently she took a loan from a loan shark in Colombia, who are known to be aggressive criminals from the drug business. All of this just to have plastic surgeries, that she doesn't really need. And poor Mike will have to pay for this later to save her from an unknown destiny? In case she can't pay the loan sharks, which what will probably happen since she has no income whatsoever.

 Now we all know that TLC sometimes fakes story lines to add more drama to the 90 day shows, so we don't truly know what's Ximena is all about or if her history is as she said it was, but if that's the case, then Mike needs to save himself from future troubles, and try to find a woman who will love him as he is and who will want to start a family with him.