90 Day Fiance : Kimberly finally got her Nigerian Yammy, and the fans don't know how to feel about it

 Kim Menzies spent over 10000 US dollars to fly to Zanzibar and be with her future potential Nigerian boyfriend Usman aka Sojaboy. Starting with paying for her flying tickets, hotel booking and gifts like a brand new MacBook pro and a Ps5.

 In her mind, she was sure that she and King Africa will hit it off real quick, but reality was far from that.

 Sojaboy was fearful of being with Kim, not because he couldn't love her, but because she might be like his ex-girlfriend baby Lisa or "baby girl visa" as the fans call her, who had been insecure and controlling.

 This would have made Usman feel uncomfortable and unable to express his true feelings for Kim. He wanted to show Kim that he was not going to jump fast to intimacy with her this time and that he wanted to have a relationship with her first and check if they are compatible or not.

 The Nigerian autotune singer was showered with good quality expensive gifts from the American 50 years old Kim. However, when it was time to get intimate with her, things didn't work out, because he was waiting until they were officially "boyfriend and girlfriend."

 During three long before the 90 day episodes, the fans had to watch and feel the cringe of Kim trying to convince Usman to sleep with her and basically begging him for sex and to give her his precious Nigerian "yummy".

 It was painful to watch them trying to sleep together in the same bed, and nothing was happening between them after all the gifts and the begging.

 In the preview for an episode of the reality television show 90 Day Fiancé, published on the show’s YouTube channel, during a fight they had earlier in the episode, Usman states that he did not kiss Kim . In the preview, Kim tells Usman that she’s “been waiting for him to make his move.” She also says that she didn’t know Usman wasn’t going to kiss her when he went back to her hotel room after the fight. 
 Many fans felt disgusted while watching this drama. A lot of them accused Kim of being thirsty since no woman with self respect should beg a man for sex this way, no matter what. Despite Usman being a potential scammer, but it looks like he has standards and he will not sleep with any white American woman who comes in his way.
 Nevertheless, in this week episode 10 of before the 90 days, it looks like Kimberley finally got her "Yammy" from Usman, and she is feeling proud about it, I mean that was the goal of her trip all long.

 The fans are already in chock after seeing the news on some social media posts, and don't believe it, since during the whole season Sojaboy was playing hard to get. To make this worse, there are rumors that the couple are now engaged and Usman may finally achieve his ultimate goal which is to marry an American woman and come to the US to boost his music career.