90 Day Fiance: is Debbie still in the dating scene?

 Debbie Johnson didn’t come off well in her first appearances on the reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé. She was this obsessed single mom who lived with her adult son and treated him like a baby which made it harder for him to meet someone and leave the nest to start his own romantic relations and life. But she seems to be a fan favorite now that she’s one of the stars of 90 Days: The Single Life season 2. The 70-year-old Las Vegas senior citizen was ready to find love again now that her son, Colt, has finally met and got married to the love of his life Vanessa. 


 In one episode of The Single Life season 2, Debbie opened up on a past relationship that ended tragically. Her  husband, the father of Colt, died from a massive heart attack not long after they were married. Now, she is back to the dating scene and hoping for the best, since due her age and everything that's been going on with her lately, it's not going to be easy to find a date in our modern days. Let's not forget that as a senior citizen, she also have a problem keeping up with the new smartphone technologies and dating apps and websites, because they didn't exist back in the days. 

 On the single life: season 2, Debbie was one of the main cast members who was actively looking for a date. She tried to improve herself, by dying her hair red, getting a new tattoo, going to makeup artists and trying a new set of sexy clothes to get the eyes of other old senior citizen in the dating world in Las Vegas who also were active and trying to find a partner. She went on a blind date with a man named Edward. She told her daughter-in-law, Vanessa, that she did not know anything about Edward and was nervous about the date because she didn't date anyone for 40 years. Her last sexual contact with other men, based on her own words was the Marlboro man and it was a long time ago. Colt was trying to be supportive so he met his mom’s new date to check him out, before letting her go with him on their date.

 Most of Debbie's dates didn't go so well, the first date was so awkward, her second date friend zoned her and her third date ghosted her.

  The fans think that Debbie, didn't want to date in the first place, she was a bad fit for the single life reality tv show, and she just needed the money as fast as possible. Many have a theory that she was having financial problems seeing that she was forced to move out on her own, since her son and his new wife wanted the house for themselves and to have their privacy, and Vanessa and Debbie were making each other life a living hell under the same roof.

 Debbie currently is not dating anyone, and has stopped her internet dating journey, she got the money she needs to move out and she's trying to start a new chapter in her life without her and her son Colt living under the same roof. She got a new roommate to share the rent with, and she's trying to work and fix her relationship with her son, which has gone bad since he got married to Vanessa and started his own journey to be independent and start his own life.