90 Day Fiancé: Hide your grandma! or Usman will date her. Here's why he Likes Older Women

Usman Umar from Before the 90 Days reality tv show is famous for dating old American ladies like Lisa and Kim for a green card and screen time to boost his rap career.

 Usman said that, "love and Happiness" are a higher priority than age in a relationship. One of his fans needed to know, "why he dates only American ladies." Usman told them, "I really have no idea why! it just happens, maybe it's destiny." 

 However, when asked if he will ever fly to the U.S one day, Usman guaranteed that sooner or later he will, but for now he has no idea how and what the future holds for him.

 Yet he mentioned that "most certainly he will visit America and get that green card one day, it's one of his life goals." The "King Africa" singer is keeping his relationship status "unknown" yet added that he honestly loved Kim's "excellent heart and great person",  And he's so happy with the Ps5 and the MacBook pro.