90 Day Fiance: Hamza and Memphis broke up and here is the proof

 After weeks of obscure updates about their relationship status, it looks like 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days couple Memphis and Hamza have finally broken up.

 Viewers have been speculating about Memphis and Hamza’s relationship status on social media like Instagram and Reddit, but Memphis appears to have confirmed that the couple has broken up. The reality TV stars have been sharing many Instagram comments and posts that hinted at them first being broken up and then being reunited. However, fans of the 90 Day Fiance reality tv show believe that the latest social media update shows that Memphis and Hamza might be done for good this time.

 Memphis and Hamza have had an intense relationship, beginning with the fact that the American woman traveled to Tunisia to meet her online boyfriend when she was pregnant with another man’s child. The couple discovered that they were barely able to communicate, while they came under early fan fire for disrespecting Hamza’s mother. It was then revealed that they had lied to each other: Memphis lied about her expectations before meeting Hamza and hid the fact that she was wearing a wig while he pretended to be older than he really was; and he also lied about his sexual history, he was a virgin with no experience in bed. To add problems to their relationship, Hamza objected to Memphis’s insistence on a prenuptial agreement. However, rumors have suggested that the couple got married and had a baby together after filming.

But the rumors were wrong and many Instagram stories of Hamza and Memphis show that the couple are not together anymore and here what Memphis has posted lately about it:

 Now the fans will have to wait for the tell all episodes to learn the truth about what really happened, even if all signs show that the relation between this couple is done for good.