90 Day Fiance: The fans are calling Jasmine a hypocrite and here is why

 On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Jasmine and Gino fought over Gino's decision to send a topless photo Jasmine had sent him privately to another woman who was his Brazilian ex. The couple had a big altercation, and things got physical so the show producers had to step in after Jasmine tried to slap Gino.


 In December 2021, Gino and Jasmine starred in season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The Michigan Unemployed middle aged guy met the beautiful Jasmine online and was counting the days until he could finally fly to Panama and meet her, ask her to marry him and maybe even get her pregnant on the same trip. The couple had a cute time together at first, but soon Jasmine’s jealousy started to cause issues between the two and ruined the whole trip eventually.

 We saw in the episode the almost half naked Jasmine with her sexy bikini who was so angry about the fact that Gino's ex-girlfriend DMed her on her social media telling her unbelievable stories. It was a big deal breaker, because Gino did so wrong, not only he sent topless photos of Jasmine to his ex, but also he was talking bad about his new girlfriend to his ex wife while they were both sleeping in the same bed during their vacation in Panama.

 Jasmine angrily returned to Gino's hotel room and continued yelling. She threatened to sue him for breaking her trust in him and the privacy of her body and she said "I'm not the kind of girl who goes away with this sh*t, You did bad to me, you'll pay for it.". She continued her raging moment by throwing his hat on the ground, which was no problem for Gino since he came prepared and just grabbed another hat from his backpack and put it on. 

 Now here is the double standards, Jasmine of course was right about not wanting Gino's ex to see her nude photos. Anyone would feel the same. Her main worry was that, the ex could sell the photos to the press or private adult websites and then all of the fans of the show around the world will see those private photos, and let's not forget also Jasmine's own family, friends and coworkers, which could make her life a living hell according to her.
 But have you seen Jasmine sexy posts on her two Instagram accounts @jasminepanama and @jasminepanama1? Did you know that she has an Onlyfans account where she sells her sexy photos for money ? Add to that, many of the fans on social media did leave a lot of comments on how Jasmine bikinis in the episodes 9 and 10 from before the 90 days were too much, too sexy and only hiding like 10% of her body, which what this Reddit user "miss_night_owl" showed in her/his post:

 Many have called Jasmine a hypocrite and that she was wrong at first, by sending her nudes, we all know that nothing gets deleted from the internet.

 Nevertheless the couple are still in love and still have a chance for a happily ever after. After the incident Jasmine said: "It's just like, how he look at me, he loves me, I know that.... I am still hurt, and it will take work to heal from this, but, it's hard to find love and I found that in Gino and I don't want to lose that.".