90 Day Fiance: Ben and mahogany are a real couple and here is why

  All of the signs were indicating that this was a classic case of catfishing, but it turned out that Ben's online girlfriend Mahogany is a real person after all. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Mahogany showed up at the restaurant where Ben has been waiting for her, and he was so excited to finally meet her after he traveled all the way to Lima, Peru.

 The fans didn't seem to believe that Mahogany was really this girl who's Ben has been talking with all this time and who refused to make a video call with him because she was shy. And let's not forget that, she directly asked him to send her 1000$ just after 3 weeks of texting each other and that was a red flag and a big sign that she was just another internet scammer and not a real woman who is in love with him as he thought.

 The Mahogany who showed up at the restaurant was different, she looked like a Disney princess who came from a wealthy family, and who for sure is not underprivileged and do not need to ask an American man for money.

 Mahogany and Ben gave each other a hug, then sat down for a chit chat. She said that she was so nervous about coming to meet him, because her parents thought Ben had bad intentions with her even if he told her since the start, that he was not a sex tourist and he will not make love to her until after they get married. Ben told the camera crew that he was "blown away" by Mahogany and he revealed that she looked way better than the photos she sent to him or the ones she posted on her Instagram.

 Though Mahogany actually arrived to the restaurant to meet with Ben, many 90 Day Fiancé fans suspected Mahogany was a paid actress and they wondered whether her role was to move Ben’s storyline along since Caleb and Alina were cut off from the rest of the show and the producers can't afford to lose another couple. The interaction between the two looked like a scripted Mexican drama show and not like a real conversation of two people who just met face to face for the first time. Also Mahogany English accent sounds more native than her Spanish one.

 Something has happened in the last few days that could change everything about how the fans perceive this couple.

 Just recently Ben and Mahogany were spotted together in a mall in Lima, Peru by a Reddit user under the pseudonym "torterra_trainer95", who happened to be there while he was visiting his long distance his Peruvian girlfriend and who wrote "My fiancé works at a large mall in Lima and today is the last day of the visit, so walking to exchange money today Lo and behold who walks out of a Home Depot-esque store…Ben. By himself, no Mahogany in sight. I was shocked to see him here I couldn’t move for a second but my fiancé wanted to chase him up an escalator but I was too afraid.".

 And he continues by saying: "so I actually found him walking with mahogany and approached them, at first he was very wary of talking with me and said I couldn’t say anything about them being together at the mall but that I could take a selfie with him, I declined. Mahogany is kind of uptight I tried shaking her hand but she gave me a fist bump instead.
it's crazy to see them here but they seem to be together. The whole actress thing is still fishy to me because they seemed to be a couple no cameras in sight.".

 Is this another TLC stunt to show that the couple are real and not some paid actors doing a fake story line? Did they do this Reddit post or it's really a genuine fan who wanted to share his discovery with other fans? I guess only time will show.