90 Day Fiance: Angela rumored to be in the single life season 3

 Angela is one of the most iconic cast members of the 90 day fiancé franchise, her explosive character and actions, made her unique and one among the most talked about on the show.

 The Georgia native toxic behavior in her marriage to her Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi, has been garnering her some negative attention from viewers and even other cast members of the show. Unfortunately, it appears that she is not done yet with being a part of the franchise, and a recent rumor reveals that she will be seen later on this year in the single life season 3.


 A Reddit user under the pseudonym of "spoiledandmistreated" shared a recent post with the title:"Rumor has it..that Angela is going to be on the new season of The Single Life..PLEASE haven’t we suffered enough..". And to explain more how he is feeling about this, he also wrote:"First thing someone said is I bet it will be entertaining… think I’m done with it.. the show has been scraping the bottom of the barrel anyways and now just when you think it can’t get any worse..it does.."
 Many fans hoped that TLC won't cast Angela in the next season, even if the rumor is true, because they feel that she's a disrespectful and very rude person. While others expressed interest in seeing Michael find love on his own following the potential end of his unstable marriage. This rumor left everyone confused as to why Angela would be cast again, particularly after TLC's controversial decision to re-cast Big Ed Brown, who many people have accused of being a predator and a sexual aggressor in the past.

 It appears that Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have split up for good this time, but nothing is official yet. They were constantly breaking up and reconciling during the last 3 years, which made it hard to understand what's really going on between them. Angela appears to have recently made it clear that she is single during one of her Instagram live streams. Nevertheless, the fans wrote that they won't watch any future program starring her because they already feel sorry for any future man who she may date, due to the horrible things they saw her say and do to Michael back when she visited him in Nigeria.

 Michael on the other hand, seems to be happy and doing great, the Nigerian prince was one of the fans' favorites. Currently and after the split up and finally taking his freedom from his jealous ex Angela, he opened his own Instagram account under the username @its__mrmichael where he's been active uploading photos of him and some TIKTOK dance videos that are edited with new songs in them, which he probably promoting for other artists for a sum of money. It's clear that he has a lot of supporters from the 90 day fiancé community who found and followed him, and he already has over 60k Instagram followers.


 Now we will have to wait and see If Angela will really appear on 90 Day Fiancé the single life season 3, and if she does, then TLC will be ignoring their viewers' wishes and will have some serious explaining to do.