90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem used and scammed Michael and here is why

Many of the 90 Day Fiancé fans on social media, felt bad for Michael Ilesanmi and even offered to get him to America on their own expense because he "deserve it and suffered enough in this toxic marriage with Mrs Deem". They also accused Angela Deem of being a “scammer” who used her Nigerian husband, and probably left him after becoming a reality show star in the United States.

 Angela has a history of addressing Nigerian men, in a past interview she did mention that "Usman is a bad man, and she accused King Africa of being a scammer and giving Nigerians a bad name". So when Usman posted a set of photos with Michael recently on his Instagram account, the 90 day fiance fans were more than surprised and actually enjoyed seeing the two Nigerians together and even compared them to the avengers. 

 She recently called out both Usman and Michael, and blocked her husband. Rumors say, that Angela is sending Micheal 200$ a month to keep him silent, well fed in Nigeria. And she would like him to stay married to her for a chance to be together in a future season of the 90 day fiance franchise, while she's in the USA partying every weekend with her friends and other cast members and not having any thought about her Nigerian husband, their future together or how to get him to the United States to be with her.

 Angela could officially and legally finish the relation with Micheal for good and send him the divorce papers after the end of 90 day fiance happily ever after season 6 tell all, but she didn't. Because of that, many of her fans jumped to the conclusion that she's just a scammer and a clout chaser and she's been using and abusing her poor husband for over 4 years and also she used all his money from his and their duet Cameos.

 Usman aka King Africa is surely not a fan of hers, according to him, Angela used her and Michael extended story line on tv to buy herself a house and she still refuses to take him with her to the USA, after all isn't that the point of the show.

 Maybe we will get our answer this year, but things don't look so promising for Micheal, while Angela is having the time of her life and enjoying her new lifestyle as a D list celebrity.