Rob's past in the adult industry is hunting him down, after the show fans saw inappropriate pics of him online

 Most of the scenes of Rob and Sophie on the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé were filmed two years ago. At the time, the American was doing odd jobs and a couple side hustles to make ends meet. Recently, Rob's secret onlyfans account was exposed by a Reddit user. Since then, all what people talk about in the comments' section of Rob and Sophie's posts on the 90 Day Fiancé sub-Reddit are his Inappropriate pictures, which someone leaked online on some LGBTQ+ forum.

For obvious reasons, we can't share Rob's onlyfans leaked pictures in this article, because we don't have the right to do so, and the last thing we want is to get sued by Rob the "Knob". 

In a Reddit post that was discussing the recent feud between Rob and Statler, most of the comments under it were sarcastic, and making fun of Rob's inappropriate only fans pictures.
Feud Between Rob & Statler
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Last week, Statler used her Twitter to expose Rob, who claimed to be struggling on his own, with no one to help him, by revealing his rich family members, whom he didn't mention on the show. Reddit user "No-Psychology-7322" had a better suggestion for Statler to expose the reality tv star, and they wrote:" All she needs to do is just post the pictures of his a****le he posted on only fans and then she wins the feud". The Reddit user was taking a dig at Rob's secret only fans, which has become a public knowledge at this point.

Another Reddit user connected the dots and said:" this might explain the DMs she found. i was wondering who tf would be sending him se*ual videos especially multiple people but if it was previews of content that makes a lot more sense!".

The Redditor came to the conclusion that when Sophie and Rob had a fight on the show, after she checked his phone and found out that he was sending inappropriate pictures and videos to random people online, he was not really cheating on her. Rob was just doing what he's supposed to do as an Only fans model, which is sending his private photos and videos to his only fans subscribers who paid for them.

Rob's past caught up to him, despite his efforts to keep his online activities a secret. It's a fact that when your life in under the microscope, people will start digging in your past and anything you tried to hide will be exposed sooner or later.